Miloš Luković

Institute for Balkan Studies

Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts


Valtazar Bogišić and the General Property Code for the Principality of Montenegro: Domestic and Foreign Associates

Abstract: Assigned with the task to prepare a general property code for the Principality of Montenegro, V. Bogišić conducted in 1873 a survey on customary law, relying on several local informants who were well versed in the matter and as a rule holders of high military and civil offices. A distinctive group of Bogišić’s associates were members of the commission responsible for discussing two drafts of the code, all of them judges of the highest court in Montenegro at the time. In contrast to their contribution which is quite well known, that of his foreign consultants, although significant, is not. In two of his texts, one of which was published posthumously, Bogišić expressed his gratitude for the assistance provided by the eminent French and German legal experts R. Dareste, E. Glasson, C. Bluntschli, J. Neubauer and K. Dickel.

Keywords: Valtazar Bogišić, Property Code, Principality of Montenegro, domestic associates, foreign consultants, Russia