Vladimir P. Petrović

Institute for Balkan Studies

Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts


Vojislav Filipović



The Roman Station Timacum Maius (?)

Evidence of Urbanization and Communications

Abstract: The 2009 archaeological campaign at Niševac, eastern Serbia, has provided important evidence for the urban growth of a Roman settlement, such as drains and a section of the Roman road traversing the settlement. Along with a sumptuous structure furnished with a wall heating system discovered in 2008, the latest excavation results provide clues as to the importance of the settlement which, containing all elements of Roman urban architecture, offers further corroboration to its presumed identification as the Roman station of Timacum Maius on the Lissus-Naissus–Ratiaria road.

Keywords: Svrljig, Timacum Maius, archaeological excavations, urbanization, Lissus-Naissus–Ratiaria road