Valentina Živković

Institute for Balkan Studies

Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts


The Sixteenth-century Altar Painting of the Cattaran (Kotor)

Fraternity of Leather-makers

Abstract: The altar painting that the Cattaran Fraternity of Leather-makers commissioned from the Venetian painter Girolamo da Santa Croce in the first half of the sixteenth century contains the images of Sts Bartholomew, George and Antoninus. The presence of the first two saints is looked at from the perspective of a long-established religious tradition, while the reasons for depicting the archbishop Antoninus giving alms to the poor appear to reside in the then prevailing religious policy and the local social situation.

Keywords: altar painting, Fraternity of Leather-makers, Kotor (Cattaro), St Bartholomew, caritas, Fraternity of Shoemakers, Observant Dominicans