Emanuela Costantini

University of Perugia, Department of Humanities, Perugia, Italy

Relations between the PCI and the League of Communists from the Second Post-War Period to the Mid-1960s

Abstract: The relations between Tito and Togliatti and their respective parties were condi- tioned by the omnipresent influence that Communist party of Soviet Union had on both partners. During the period of Stalin’s rule, the Italian communist were staunch Stalinists, thus Tito’s split with Stalin and the issue of Trieste were the main obstacles in bilateral relations. Khrushchev’s destalinization process opened new possibilities for inter party re- lations across the Adriatic, which however continued to be conditioned by the strategy of their Soviet comrades. Khrushchev’s lessening of the control over ‘sister’ parties give more space for Italians to learn more about Yugoslav path to communism. Nevertheless, the PCI continued to follow the Moscow line, while PCY looked to create its own based on nonaligned movement and self-management, which continued to be closely watched but not applied by PCI during Togliatti’s time in office.
Keyword: Tito, Togliatti, PCI, PCY, communism, Stalinism, bilateral relations