Balcanica XLII

V. Dimitrijević, Serbian Landowners in the Kingdom of Yugoslavia



Vesna Dimitrijević

PhD in History


Serbian Landowners in the Kingdom of Yugoslavia

The Case of Bogdan Dundjerski

Abstract: Originally from Herzegovina, the Dundjerski family moved to south Hungary, present- day Serbia’s province of Vojvodina, in the seventeenth century. From the 1820s the family’s progress was marked by the enlargement of their landed property. In the early twentieth century the family owned or rented about 26,473 ha of land in Vojvodina. Bogdan Dundjerski (1860–1943), the third generation landowner, was brought up in a mixture of different traditions including the ethic of Serb highlanders of Herzegovina, central-European middle classes and Hungarian nobility. A wealthy landowner, Serb patriot and benefactor, whose political role in the Second World War remains controversial, described himself as: Serb, Christian Orthodox, landowner.

Keywords: Dundjerski family, landowners, Kingdom of Yugoslavia, Serbia, Vojvodina, Bačka, social transition, world wars

Mansion (Castle) of Bogdan Dundjerski near Bečej (photo Vesna Dimitrijević)

Chapel of Bogdan Dundjerski

(photo Vesna Dimitrijević)

Icon by Uroš Predić

Chapel of Bogdan Dundjerski

(photo Vesna Dimitrijević)

Bogdan Dundjerski (1860–1943)

as a young man (ROMS)

UDC 316.343-058.32:929]Dunđerski, Bogdan