Marina Matić

Independent researcher


The Virgin of Savina

Identity and Multiculturalism

Abstract: The sixteenth-century miracle-working icon of the Virgin Glykophilousa in the Serbian Orthodox monastery of Savina, modern Montenegro, has been the focus of cult and devotions for centuries. A compelling visual presence, it played multiple roles: liturgical, social, legal, and cultic. In each of its roles, it provided support for ethnic and religious identity, being above all a palladium both for believers as individuals and for the Orthodox Christian community as a whole in the complex multicultural and multiconfessional contexts of foreign Venetian rule in the eighteenth-century Gulf of Kotor (Boka Kotorska/Bocche di Cattaro).

Keywords: Gulf of Kotor (Boka Kotorska/Bocche di Cattaro), Virgin of Savina, Cretan School, ex-voto, palladium, multiculturalism, identity

UDC 271.222(497.11)-523.6-526.62(497.16)



Original scholarly work