Vasilj Jovović

Faculty of Philosophy

University of Montenegro


Contacts between Duklja/Zeta and the Apennine Peninsula in the Middle Ages as a Topic in Montenegrin Periodicals in 1835–1941

Abstract: This paper shows that continuity of connections between Duklja/Zeta and the Apennine Peninsula during the middle ages, which were manifested both in the political and in the cultural sphere, attracted attention as a topic in the periodical press issued in the territory of present-day Montenegro from 1835 to 1941. The paper offers a systematized overview of such, for the most part descriptive, texts on political and cultural links between what now are Montenegro and Italy in the middle ages.

Keywords: Montenegrin periodicals, middle ages, cultural contacts, Duklja, Zeta, Apennine Peninsula

UDC 050(497.16)"1835/1941"



Original scholarly work