Miloš Ković

University of Belgrade

Faculty of Philosophy

Department of History

The British Adriatic Squadron and the Evacuation of Serbs from the Albanian Coast 1915–1916

Abstract: Unpublished sources and archival material can still shed fresh light upon the history of the evacuation of the Serbian Army and civilian refugees from the Albanian coast in 1915–1916. Among them are reports to the British Admiralty written in 1915 and 1916 by the commander of the British Adriatic Squadron, Rear Admiral Cecil Fiennes Thursby. These documents deposited in the National Archives in Kew Gardens have never been used in reconstructing the evacuation operation. Written on an almost daily basis, Thursby’s reports of 1915 and 1916 constitute a unique source not only for the history of the evacuation of Serbs but also for the history of the South-East Europe in the Great War.

Keywords: Serbia, Albania, British Adriatic Squadron, Corfu, evacuation, Entente Powers