Miljan Milkić

Strategic Research Institute, MoD


The Serbian Army in the Chalkidiki in 1916 Organization and Deployment

Abstract: The transportation of the Serbian Army to the Chalkidiki and deployment on the Salonika front was part of the unique process of reorganizing, equipping, training and engaging the Serbian Army within the Allied coalition. Combining unpublished archival documents and the literature, this article analyzes military reasons and diplomatic circumstances in which the Serbian Army was deployed to the Chalkidiki and became part of the Allied military forces on the Salonika front. The most important part of this research are details related to the activity of the Serbian Military Mission in the Chalkidiki, which was tasked with making arrangements for receiving, accommodating and supplying the Serbian Army in the peninsula.

Keywords: Serbian Army, Chalkidiki, organization, formation, Serbian Military Mission, Salonika (Macedonian) front