Maxim Vasiljević

Faculty of Orthodox TheologyUniversity of Belgrade

Carrying Their Native Land and Their New Home in Their Hearts

Mihailo Pupin and Bishop Nikolai of Žiča between Their Native and Adopted Country

Abstract: The present study gives us an opportunity to look at the Christian heritage that the Serbian immigrants brought to the new land of Americas through the examples of Mihailo Pupin and Nikolai Velimirović, Bishop of Žiča, since these two names are indelibly inscribed in the history of the so-called Serbica Americana. The paper is divided into two sections dealing specifically with their Serbianism and Americanism to show that a distribution of love and loyalty between their native and adopted country functioned in a fruitful way. Based on a detailed analysis of their writings, the author suggests that Serbians and Americans remember Pupin and Velimirović because they enjoy the benefits of their remarkable contributions. The following aspects of Pupin’s and Nikolai’s lives are examined: their deep concern with the fate of Serbia during and after the First World War; their leading roles among the Serbs in the United States through their assistance in establishing Serbian churches and communities, through their scholarship funds, philanthropic work, etc. Their genuine care for Serbia and Serbs was in no way an obstacle in their adjustment to their adopted country.

Keywords: immigration, Serbia, America, inculturation, church, freedom, integration, identity