Igor Vukadinović*

Institute for Balkan Studies

Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts


The Shift in Yugoslav-Albanian Relations: The Establishment

of Ties between Albania and the Autonomous Province of Kosovo

and Metohija (1966–1969)

Abstract: The intra-party conflict in Yugoslavia in 1966 resulted in a fundamental shift in the attitude of the Yugoslav leadership toward the Albanian national minority, which was also reflected in the country’s foreign policy orientation. The normalization of relations with Albania was set as one of the objectives of Yugoslav foreign policy. Yugoslavia stopped responding to the anti-Yugoslav statements of Albanian officials and launched a series of cooperation initiatives with Albania. The Autonomous Province of Kosovo and Metohija was assigned a special role in the normalization of relations with Tirana and, with the consent of Belgrade, an exchange of publications, visits of cultural-artistic associations and contacts between the cultural institutions of Kosovo and Metohija and Albania ensued. This policy resulted in the establishment of direct cultural, economic and political ties between the governments of Albania and the Autonomous Province of Kosovo and Meto- hija, into which the Yugoslav political leadership no longer had any insight.
Keywords: Yugoslavia, Albania, Kosovo and Metohija, Josip Broz, Marko Nikezić, Enver
Hoxha, Fadil Hoxha

https://doi.org/10.2298/BALC2051235V UDC