Slobodan G. Markovich

Faculty of Political Sciences

University of Belgrade

History of Hellenic-Serbian (Yugoslav) Alliances from

Karageorge to the Balkan Pact 1817–1954

Abstract: The paper provides a review of efforts to make Serbian-Hellenic alliances and formal agreements since the last years of Karageorge’s life within the context of the re- lations between Serbia and Greece, and later between Yugoslavia and Greece. The cir- cumstances that led to the signing of six formal alliances have been analysed including their content and scope. Out of the six alliances, four were bilateral, and two were Balkan (1934, 1953/54). All of them have been reviewed both in the bilateral and Balkan context. The following agreements have been analysed: The Treaty of Alliance and the Military Treaty from 1867/68, The Treaty of Alliance of the Kingdom of Serbia and the Hellenic Kingdom and the Military Convention of June 1, 1913, The Pact of Friendship, Concilia- tion and Judicial Settlement between Yugoslavia and Greece of 1929, the Balkan Pact (the Balkan Entente) of 1934, The Treaty on the Balkan Union between the Kingdom of Yugo- slavia and the Hellenic Kingdom of January 1942, the Balkan Pact of 1953/54. The issues related to the struggle of Serbia, Greece and Bulgaria about Macedonia and the question of the Serbian Free Zone of Salonica have also been discussed, as well as mutual relations during the Great War and at the beginning of the Cold War.
Keywords: Serbian-Hellenic alliance, Treaty of Alliance of 1867/68, Treaty of Alliance of
Serbia and Greece of 1913, Balkan Pact (Balkan Entente) of 1934, Balkan Pact of 1953/54