Sanja Pilipović

Institute for Balkan Studies

Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts


Wine and the Vine in Upper Moesia

Archaeological and Epigraphic Evidence

Abstract: Vine-growing and winemaking in the area of the Roman province of Upper Moesia are looked at based on the information supplied by the ancient sources, and the archaeological and epigraphic evidence (inscriptions, artistic depictions, vine-dressing and winemaking implements, drinking and transport vessels). Viniculture is associated with the Greco-Roman cultural orbit, while the native central-Balkan tribes typically consumed alcoholic beverages made from cereals. Therefore the goal of the research is to shed as much light as currently possible on the significance of vine-growing and wine in the life of the inhabitants of Upper Moesia.

Keywords: wine, vine-growing, inscriptions, tools, amphorae, Balkans, Upper Moesia, Dionysus, Liber