Nikola Tasić

Serbian Academy of Sciences and ArtsBelgrade

Some Reflections on the Migrations of Palaeo-Balkan Peoples in Pre-Roman Times

Abstract: In the history of the central Balkans prior to the Roman conquest migrations of people had manifold importance. The recognition of these migrations has been the basis for distinguishing between different periods of prehistory. Various analyses of the material culture offer information on the social contact between the invaders and the autochtonous populations. They reveal details of the transfer of elements of culture and technological knowledge from one region to another. Of particular significance in this respect are migrations over vast territories, sometimes from as far as the Ural mountains in the east, the Alps in the west and the Pindus in Greece to the south. Investigations into the models of the migrations open up possibilities for determining the variation in, and different forms of, human movement from one geographic area to another.

Keywords: palaeo-Balkan peoples, pre-Roman period, migrations, cultures