Jelena Milojković-Djurić

M. G. Glasscock Center for Humanities Research Texas A & M University

David Urquhart’s Perceptions of the Eastern Question

The Affairs of Serbia

Abstract: At the beginning of his diplomatic career in Constantinople in 1835, David Urquhart was instrumental in promoting the British cause by endorsing its political grand design and mercantile interests in Turkey, Greece, the Caucasian region,Crimea, Serbia and adjacent Balkan principalities. While observing the complexities of the Eastern Question, Urquhart recognized the underlying importance that Serbia had attained in the context of competing imperial interests in the Balkans. His engaged commentaries on the crucial changes in Serbian political discourse elucidated as well his understanding of Serbian history and culture past and present. Urquhart discerned a correspondence between Serbian political affairs and the inherent situation in the region of the Caucasus and Circassia.

Keywords: Eastern Question, Ottoman Empire, Serbia, David Urquhart