Miloš Mišić

Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development of the Republic of Serbia doctoral research holder

On a One-sided Interpretation of the Yugoslav Past

Marie-Janine Calic, Geschichte Jugoslawiens im 20. Jahrhundert. Munich: C.H. Beck, 2010; Serb. ed. Istorija Jugoslavije u 20. veku. Belgrade: Clio, 2013, 490 p.


The author of this synthesis is the German historian of Croatian origin Marie-Janine Calic, daughter of the historian and writer Eduard Calic. Prior to her current position as professor of history at Ludwig Maximilian University in Munich, she was a researcher at the German Institute for International and Security Affairs in Ebenhausen and Berlin (1992–2004). She also served as political advisor to the UN Special Representative for the former Yugoslavia in Zagreb (1995) and to the Special Coordinator of the Pact for the Stability of South-East Europe Bodo Hombach in Brussels (1999–2002). Calic also served as expert/consultant of the ICTY in The Hague. She is already known to Serbian readership by her book Social history of Serbia 1815–1941. Sluggish progress in industrialisation (2004) derived from her doctoral thesis.